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False Lash Add On for Prom today :)

Mother’s Day Gifts @ the studio! :)

Manicure Monday

Polkadots :)

All will be answered!

xo, M

Avon & Mark Campaign 10

Some of my Favorite New fashion picks from Avon & Mark’s current campaign!

Shop now @ www.youravon.com/mdescarfino

Mother’s Day is May 11th and Avon’s got some awesome gifts just for her! (I got my Mom one of their What You Mean to Me Mugs.)

Shop now @ www.youravon.com/mdescarfino

As most of you know, I am big on healthy products and ingredients. With that said, it might throw you off a bit when I post about Avon, since a good amount of their skincare and makeup is NOT free of harmful ingredients. Here is why I sell it and what I recommend from their lines.

1) I started selling Avon when I was 18 - before I became a makeup artist and knowledgable when it came to reading ingredients.
2) A lot of people don’t seem to care what they’re putting on their body. So if you’re going to just get drug store makeup anyway, you may as well go with Avon. I’m going to be 100% honest with you - Drug Store Makeup (like Maybelline, Revlon…etc) is NO DIFFERENT when it comes to ingredients than a good portion of the brands that they sell at Sephora. I have tried many different types of makeup throughout my life and Avon’s makeup actually stays better than anything I’ve gotten at Sephora (Including Urban Decay, Sephora Brand, Kat Von D..etc)
3) What I personally recommend from Avon:
*Mascara - Most Avon customers will tell you their Mascara is one of their favorite products. Not to mention, they go on sale and get introduced at low prices, making it easy to try multiple types and find your favorite. (Mine are AeroVolume and MegaEffects.) 
*Eyeliner - Avon makes a couple different kinds of eyeliner. I find that wax pencils are the least of my worries when it comes to ingredients. Glimmersticks come in so many fun colors and different finishes, it’s hard not to become addicted. (Especially when they’re only $7 each and go on sale all of the time). Another one of my favorite pencils by Avon are SuperShock Gel Pencils. They’re super bold and great to smudge! (Also see Mark’s No Place to Run liners.)
*Some Lipcolors - Read the ingredients. If it is Paraben Free & Mineral Oil Free, they’re no worse for you than Dior or Mac (which actually do have bad chemicals in them).
*And my favorite shopping to do with Avon? Fashion!! Their Clothes, Accessories, Jewelry & Shoes are actually pretty awesome. Especially Mark’s line. I’m always super impressed with Mark and I promise you will be too!

Check out Avon & Mark @ www.youravon.com/mdescarfino

Avon - Jewelry Counter in C-10

Get Stacking! One of the newest fashion trends is stacking bracelets & rings! My studio is stocked with them, and I’m loving the newly added sets in Avon’s newest brochures!

Check out Avon’s trendy jewelry @ www.youravon.com/mdescarfino

New!! Spring Designs!
Avon - Nail Art Design Strips

My favorite non-polish manicure now comes in 4 new beautiful Spring inspired designs!

Grab a couple pairs while they’re on sale!!

Sale Price: $6.99 ea
(Reg. Price: $10 ea)

Shop now @ www.youravon.com/mdescarfino

Mark - Magalog 5

A quick peek into Mark’s newest magalog! Loving their new dresses & accessories!

See more @ www.youravon.com/mdescarfino

Lipstick & Magic Tricks started as a makeup & beauty blog by a NY based makeup Artist - Mariel. It is now a brand new Makeup Studio located in Northvale, NJ. Follow the blog that started it all for makeup favorites, reviews, tips, beauty quotes and much more! Plus, get all of your makeup and beauty questions answered! <3

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